About Aroostook WaterCare

Aroostook WaterCare, located at 424 North St., Houlton, ME was incorporated in 1982 and is a member of the Maine Rural Water Association. Aroostook WaterCare is a provider of water treatment services for both residential and commercial water. Specializing in sales, rental, service and repair of most brands of water softeners, Aroostook WaterCare is your source for water problem diagnosis and treatment.

Aroostook WaterCare has the means to treat nitrates, arsenic, sulfur, lead, manganese, iron, bacteria and much more. A provider of ultra violet and duplex units, our mantra is: "If you have a water problem, we have the solution."

Also serving Presque Isle, with offices at 191 Parsons Rd, Aroostook WaterCare carries salt, renew and filters for the convenience of our customers further north.  Contact the Presque Isle offices at (207) 760-8005 today!